The city of Petrești lies on the Sebes Valley, between pitoresque hills, with fruitful orchards and hardworking people,  Transylvanian Saxons and Romanians alike.

According to the legend, here the Apple has always been the king of the orchard, its fruits tasty as no others.

Many years ago, skilfull men have found a way to turn the savoury apples into sweet and healthy apple juice. The recipe dates back to their elders, who know that the ripe and healthy fruit need to be washed, then crushed and ground until they become pastelike.  Now, this paste has to be squeezed through a press, and then finally strained through a sieve and boiled. The hot juice is then pourred into bottles and stored in a cool and dry place, so that is lasts through the winter.

This way, the pride of the orchard remains the most beloved fruit, long after its season is over!

Here are the original recipes for manufacturing apple juice, as they were given to us by the elders. Natural 100% – Bioterra respects the old traditional recipe, handed over from generation to generation, and improves it by giving it a modern twist. Te result? The most perfect cloudy apple juice! .

Maria Kaltenbach (born 1930), apple juice recipe from Petresti, Alba.

Serban Dorin (born 1958), apple juice recipe from Iaras, Covasna.

Nicora Mariea (born 1931), apple juice recipe from Sugag, Alba.