Bioterra Natural 100% – in – Box


What is „Bioterra Natural 100%  – in – Box“?

The freshly pressed cloudy apple juice is guaranteed a long shelf life by the pasteurization process.

The juice is heated at 78°C (172°F) for 5 seconds, then vacuum-packed in sterile plastic bags. After opening the tap, the juice inside the bag has no contact with the air because as it empties, the bag shrinks under its own weight.

Thus, unlike with conventional packaging, where the juice comes in contact with the air upon opening, thanks to the bag-in-box system the juice is safe from oxidation and doesn’t need added preservatives to maintain its freshness.


This is the reason you don’t need to worry about a short expiration date! If classicaly packaged juice should be consumed within 2-3 days since opening,  Bioterra Natural 100% – in – Box is just as fresh up to four weeks after opening the tap. And there’s no need for it to be stored in a cold place!

Yes, after opening the tap, you have four weeks to enjoy every day the delicious  Bioterra Natural 100% cloudy apple juice!  However, we hope you won’t need so long to finish up a 3, 5 or 10 liters box of Bioterra Natural 100% cloudy apple juice!



Suc 100% natural de fructe Santerra After four weeks from opening the tap, we guarantee the preservation of flavor and quality thanks to the bag-and-box system
Suc 100% natural de fructe Santerra Comfortable and secure integrated tap
Suc 100% natural de fructe Santerra Ideal for family households, offices, clinics, associations, schools and kindergartens
Suc 100% natural de fructe Santerra Environmentally friendly - less packaging, more juice
Suc 100% natural de fructe Santerra100% recyclable Packaging, 100% cloudy juice, in respect with our strict quality standards
Suc 100% natural de fructe Santerra Natural, no artificial colorings or preservatives, no added sugar.