The technological process

How is the 100% natural cloudy apple juice is made?

There are two ways to make apple juice: the Cloudy (Whole) Apple Juice Method and the Apple Juice from Concentrate Method.

Cloudy (whole) apple juice is being packed as it comes out from the press. The juice from concentrate is also obtained by pressing the fruits, but through a very different process the water is being extracted as concentrated fruit essence. Before packaging, the fruit concentrate is diluted with water.


Keeping up with the old traditions, we manufacture our apple juices by the cloudy (whole) juice method, because we want to stay as close as possible to nature. And we are convinced that you can taste the difference!




Apple juice is obtained by grinding and pressing the apples. Depending on the filtration method, the juice can be cloudy or clear. Through pasteurization, it gets a long valability term. Cloudy apple juice is not filtered, so it’s not clear as it contains pulp particles which, in time, tend to deposit on the bottom of the bag.




These pulp particles are rich in antioxidants, this is why cloudy apple juice is healthier than clear apple juice. Even more, cloudy apple juice has a more fruity taste than clear apple juice.

For packaging the juice we use a 'Bag in Box' system, a combination of a box and a bag.